Amy Lang

Vice-President, Unscripted Development

Amy began her career in entertainment working up through the production ranks at the multiple Emmy Award-winning production company Natural 9 Entertainment, under company president Jeff Androsky. She later went on to work with producer Eric Schotz, producing for such notable true-crime series as Discovery ID’s “Murder Book” and “Deadly Wives” among others. She later returned to work for Androsky under the Tri-Crown Production banner as a season development executive, where she worked closely with the company’s head of development and talent, Phil Viardo. Together they worked on such series as A+E’s “Good Spirits,” the CW’s “Dream Quest” and Univision’s hit “La Gran Sorpresa” to name a few, laying foundation for a great working relationship moving forward.

In 2018, Amy left the company to independently produce for shows such as Discovery’s “The Face of Evil” and TLC’s hit “Dr. Pimple Popper” before rejoining forces with Viardo at Former Prodigy Media. Since then, Amy was instrumental in putting together a strong development slate of unscripted projects, and was key in putting together FPM’s first feature documentary film, “Truelove: The Film”, on which Amy serves as Executive Producer.