Christopher Knight


Once and forever a Brady, Christopher Knight met life as a child actor, starring as “Peter Brady” in the immortal American classic TV show “The Brady Bunch”. A reluctant icon, Christopher has focused his adult years on interests beyond the entertainment industry, starting with the world of technology and expanding his interests beyond that as an entrepreneur. Most recently, his business endeavors evolved into Chris’ latest off-screen success, when his line of online home furnishings called Christopher Knight Home skyrocketed to an astounding success, quickly landing in homes of millions and sometimes even becoming the subject of international media headlines involving Royalty…

Yet, due to the ever-present legacy of all things Brady, Christopher’s successful endeavors beyond showbiz still exist in peaceful subordination to his portrayal of Peter. In the early 2000’s, Christopher has returned to his entertainment roots, once again re-establishing himself as an actor, host, spokesperson and erstwhile entertainment figure, having starred or otherwise participated in the plethora of periodic Brady Films, television movies, series, Brady gatherings and retrospectives. Grateful at this second opportunity at an acting career, Chris relishes the chance at experiencing celebrity, now as a seasoned, “well-baked” adult. Over the last two decades, Chris’ countless TV appearances included such hit shows as FOX’s “That 70’s Show”, WB’s “Blue Collar TV” and ABC’s “Less Than Perfect” among a slew of others. Chris also went on to Host “Trivial Pursuit – America Plays,” a nationally syndicated game show.

But it was in 2003, when Knight took part in an unforgettable Fourth Season of VH1’s hit reality show, “Surreal Life,” that his reinstated star status got boosted to a whole new level and introduced Chris to a whole new generation of fans. He went on to star in his own spin-off, “My Fair Brady” that ran on VH1 for 3 successful Seasons. Most recently, Knight and his Brady siblings took part in a unique TV experiment with HGTV’s “A Very Brady Renovation,” where they recreated the iconic house from “The Brady Bunch” in real life, inside the home only used for the exterior shots of the sitcom. This “experiment” broke numerous cable TV records and still holds the title of one of the most watched cable television programs of all time.

Surprisingly, with all of his success in the entertainment industry, Chris never found himself on the other side of the camera. When in 2019 an opportunity came along to launch a new production company venture with his long-time friend and colleague Phil Viardo, he was excited for this new chapter in showbiz in a whole new role as a producer and creator. Since launching Former Prodigy, the company has developed a great deal of original content, culminating with the upcoming release of “Truelove: The Film,” a project very dear to Chris’ heart. In 2021, the production company also made its foray into the feature genre, producing several live action and animation feature films and series with award-winning talent, both in front and behind the camera.