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Former Prodigy Media boards “The Inventor” Animated Feature Film by Oscar-nominated Jim Capobianco, with an All Star cast!

“The Inventor” was produced by Robert Rippberger and Capobianco. Executive producers are Curiosity Rights’ J.D. Zacharias and Former Prodigy Media’s Phil Viardo, who were instrumental in securing major financing elements for the film.

Gainesville Times- With help from a ‘Brady Bunch’ actor, Callie Truelove’s story of Williams syndrome is reaching a wider audience

When Tabitha Truelove was first contacted about her daughter, Callie, starring in a new documentary film, she thought it was a joke. She pushed the thought off and forgot about it until she got another message. Turns out, it was far from a joke: An Emmy-nominated producer and former “The Brady Bunch” actor wanted Callie...

Realscreen – Chris Knight, Phil Viardo to launch prodco Former Prodigy

American actor and TV personality Christopher Knight has teamed up with veteran producer Phil Viardo to launch a new production venture: Former Prodigy Media. The company will be based in Beverly Hills and was founded with the goal of taking creative risks and to develop a slate of cutting-edge non-fiction, documentary and scripted projects for a wide variety...