Christopher Knight Says Working on His New Documentary About Williams Syndrome ‘Melted My Heart’ (Exclusive)

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Christopher Knight’s company Former Prodigy Media launched last year with a documentary about individuals with Williams Syndrome titled ‘Truelove: The Film’

By Tommy McArdle – Published on October 20, 2023 10:32AM EDT

Christopher Knight is bringing smiles to families across the country with a heartwarming new documentary.

Knight, 65, best known for his time on the beloved sitcom The Brady Bunch, has found a new role as a partner with Former Prodigy Media, which last year launched its first movie Truelove: The Film, a documentary about people with a genetic disorder called Williams Syndrome.

Williams Syndrome, first identified by researchers in 1961, is a rare genetic condition that often coincides with a number of medical and developmental problems. Individuals with Williams Syndrome often also display “advanced verbal skills, highly sociable personalities and an affinity for music,” according to the Williams Syndrome Association — which is where Knight and Truelove: The Film’s subject Callie Truelove step in to the picture.

“We didn’t start out making a movie that would be an awareness piece for Williams syndrome, but we’re grateful that it can be used in that way,” Knight tells PEOPLE.

The documentary centers around Callie, a Georgia teenager with Williams Syndrome who gained social media fame after starting a Facebook page in 2014. Following Callie’s appearance on the YouTube channel Special Books by Special Kids in 2017, Knight and his coproducer Phil Viardo grew interested in working with the family on a story about Callie’s influence on others. As the film’s official website reads: “Callie grew up to only see the good and the positive in the world and the people around her.”

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