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“Director Vadim Perelman boards “The House with No Walls” for Former Prodigy Media.

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Director of Academy Award-nominated “House of Sand and Fog” makes a documentary directorial debut in a limited series about the life and death of John Bender

Variety – March 31, 2023

“Vadim Perelman Set to Direct Docu-Series ‘The House with No Walls’ About John Bender Mystery”

By William Earl

“House of Sand and Fog” director Vadim Perelman has signed on to direct “The House with No Walls,” a docu-series examining the mystery surrounding the 2010 death of eccentric millionaire John Bender in Costa Rica.

The four-part series hails from Former Prodigy Media, the production company headed by “Brady Bunch” alumnus Christopher Knight and producer Phil Viardo. “House with No Walls” is based on an upcoming podcast about the Bender story, “Hell in Heaven,” from Blanchard House. The project has been developed with Selectors, a London-based IP incubator run by journalist William Ralston with backing from financier Goldfinch.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled that our collab with Selectors and Blanchard House on this documentary will now be masterfully led by such a talented and accomplished director as Vadim Perelman,” said Viardo.

“When we found this story, we were instantly hooked and began to explore the best possible way to tell it,” Ralston added. “We’re delighted to be working with Former Prodigy, whose vision perfectly aligns with ours, and to attach Perelman, someone who will make this magnificent tale really come to life on the screen.”

Former Prodigy Media recently released its first documentary production, “Truelove: The Film,” about a woman with a rare genetic disorder that heightens emotions.

Knight, Viardo, Ralston and Goldfinch’s Phil McKenzie, will executive produce “House with No Walls.” Blanchard House’s Becky Milligan and Poppy Damon, who produced the podcast, will co-executive produce, with Laurence Grissell and Rosie Pye executive producing. Aleksey Ageyev, a partner at Artists International Group who structured the deals, will also serve as an EP.

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